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Stop Wasting Adhesive

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A whole new way to mix

Xemex is the only mixer to achieve higher-dimensional folding across each element. While current square and helical mixers produce 16 striations after 3 elements, Xemex boasts 1,556 striations in that same distance. This redefines the concept of "required elements" and allows Xemex to provide optimal mixing in significantly shorter distances. 




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Not square, xemex

Xemex is unlike any other square or helical mixer. On top of being the shortest mixer of its kind, Xemex also tops the charts in mixing performance. As a result, Xemex is able to maximize adhesive performance while also minimizing waste. Through careful design, Xemex also makes air entrapment issues a thing of the past.


elements: 24

insert: 175mm

volume: 6.5ml


elements: 14

insert: 100mm

volume: 5.0ml


elements: 7

insert: 50mm

volume: 2.5ml


Ultimate versatility

Through extensive testing, Xemex was developed to work across an array of formulations, viscosities and mix ratios. It is due to this versatility that Xemex comes not as part of a catalog, but as a single optimized design.


The best of both worlds

Xemex offers the best of two opposing worlds. Traditional dispensing applications are fitted with mixers boasting low backpressure at the expense of material waste, while microdispensing applications offer reduced waste at the expense of large backpressure. For the first time, a mixer makes the decision easy. Xemex offers a reduction in waste rivaling the micromixers, while also enabling systems the throughput seen only with traditional industrial mixers.


Automate fearlessly

Xemex was designed for the line. Not only does Xemex's shorter profile provide greater dexterity in tight spaces, it promises far greater positional accuracy in automated meter-mixing systems. Xemex will consistently dispense how you want, where you want. For all relevant technical specifications, refer to our Datasheets page in our Resources section.

200315 Xemex Housing Tip Coordinates 1.2
Automated Xemex B&W.png

Made in America


All Xemex components are made and assembled within 50 miles of our headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. By keeping manufacturing local, we retain greater control of the quality and supply of our products.

Sample xemex


One good test is worth a thousand expert opinions. The data presented on this site should only serve as a comparative guide, and cannot guarantee identical efficacy in your application.

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